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Mayo's  Hand Poured Baits how it began.

Mayo’s Hand Poured Baits was started in 2006. The idea came when the owner Bryan Mayo was custom making stick baits for himself.  Because his custom hand poured baits worked wonders in competition, the word spread fast. It started with a few members of the local fishing club asking for some custom hand poured baits. Then fishermen in the RI Bass Federation were asking for them. They had tremendous success using the unique colors and high quality plastics. 

Since then, Mayo’s Baits has been growing and a common name among competitive fishing. The word has spread about the quality of the baits and how they outperform store bought plastics.

“More tournament fisherman are winning with my baits then ever before. They realize the advantage that hand poured baits have in competition and it is paying off.” Bryan Mayo

Owner      Bryan Mayo
With Mayo’s custom hand pours you have the ability to use a bait that the fish have not seen before. It makes a difference, especially when there is heavy fishing pressure on the lake. Simply put, Mayo’s baits will get you more bites and catch you more fish!

Custom Colors are Available
Because we care how your baits look, feel, smell and most importantly...if they catch you fish !!!!  We go WAY beyond what the major manufacturers of baits do and far beyond what most hand poured companies do!




Stick Baits Bulk Packs 50's

Famous Terd Bait

Creature Baits

The 'IT' Bait now in 5 and 7 inch

Drop Shots

Wacky Stick


Bulls Eyed Frogs

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