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Quotes The Smallies are getting ready to spawn with a few spawning already / Stick Baits in green pumpkin purple are hot caught another 6 pound smallie on saturday and sunday a 5.5 pounder / very good baits the fish love them here in Kansas Quotes
David Wardlow
Stick Baits / do it again

Quotes I always feel that i have the advantage on the water when using mayo's baits. The 5 in wacky worm is an amazing bait with crazy action for those warm/hot summer days to get the fish to strike. This bait has helped me win numerous tourneys as well as help win me the win angler of the year the past 2 seasons. These baits are in my boat year round and will help you load that boat with BIG fish. If you don't buy a pack and try these, your missing out!!!! You cant beat the price and you defiantly cant beat the bait ;) Quotes
Jamie Verab
Pro staffer

Quotes I discovered Mayo's Baits thru a co-worker & friend of Brian?s. At first I was introduced to the 5" stick, but my soft plastic arsenal is full of Mayo's custom hand poured baits of all types. The "TERD", tapered sticks & creatures are my favorites, but I use almost all baits offered by Mayo's. These baits are high quality & flat out WORK! Quotes
Jason Bowen
"The Bass Kissah"

Quotes Thanks for making a quality bait that is priced right. The Terd and Stickbaits are responible for my winning my club's championship. When I needed a fish, the Terd was my go-to bait. Thanks again. John Quotes
John Riley
Satisied Customer

Quotes Placed an order for 200 Terd Baits and was very pleased with them / i used the bait as Bryan instructed with its best technique / the Largmouth are starting to move in a local lake that everyone warms up on first / the fish were thumping it and running off with it / my son caught the largest at close to 4 lbs / great baits and very affordable !!!!!! Quotes
David Wardlow
Terd Baits

Quotes Hello I got your baits in the mail today and they look great. Im going to make sure for every raffle prize won ill include your business card with the package of worms. Also I have a Youtube account called Bassfishinh and if you want i will be able to promote your company and explain your products. Please check out my channel and tell me what you think. Thanks David Quotes

Quotes Caught on a 5 inch Green Punpkin Purple "Stick Bait" Milford Lake, Kansas Quotes
David Wardlow
Big Smallie