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  Fast turn around on orders. Usually shipped within 3 to 4 days. Fast Service

New G5 Swim Baits have been added. New Tubes have been added 4 in 3.75 in and 2.75 in. New 6 inch Spider Grubs and Twin Tail Grubs added with new skirts.


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New Video Demo's Added

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Mayo's baits provide hand poured baits that are produced with the highest quality materials available. All products are made to order so they are fresh and never mass produced. Custom colors are available upon request. My baits are second to none. They just flat out catch fish!  

Mayo's Baits established 2006

Any Questions on Baits please E mail me @

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Ned rig
Ned Rig
Ned Rig swimmer

New 3.25 New Swimmer. These baits are incredible with that tail adds a new demission to your Ned Rig fishing. Click Here

Tubes combo a_edited.jpg
Yellow perch

New for 2023 a new line of Swim Baits.

I have added 2 New 5 and 6 inch Swimbaits that are now available.
I will keep posting new Swimbait's as I make them. 

I will have about 4 different color combinations. These are really nice all Hand Poured and Hand made baits.


G5 Rain3_edited.jpg
Yellow Perch

Now Stocking Lead Free Bass Jigs. Tube Jig Heads and Ned Rig Jig heads.
These heads work fantastic with my Ned Rig and Tube baits.

3 in tracer gp1_edited.jpg

The Tracer Minnow is designed for forward facing sonar fishermen who prefer to use a Hover Rig or Strolling technique.  The versatility of the bait will allow for other techniques to be applied effectively.  With a width of .45" across the top, and height of .55" the Tracer Minnow is ideal for popular rigging variations. It comes in 4 inch and 3 inch. This minnow bait is also fantastic for a Drop Shot or rigged on a smal jig head.

3 in ribbed GP1_edited.jpg
golden Shiner swim baits

Golden Shiner

Tubes combo a.jpg

Just give them a look and you will see the quality and workmanship.   All hand poured baits are not the same. 


New Ned Rig Baits are Available
These have been tested on some of the best Small Mouth Lakes in Maine 
Awesome results baits are made with no salt so they stand vertically 
Now you can get your Ned rig baits in your own custom colors
We now have a NEW 2.75 inch NED RIG bait with dimples.

2.75 ned rig laminate
3 inch ned rig
ned rig
cut tail worm
senko laminate

Bulls Eye Frogs

Best designed Frogs Around

Super selection of Trailers

jig trailers
New 3 Inch IT Bait 

The NEW BABY IT bait is now available on the second page of the Web Store. The body of the bait is 31/2 inches and extended 4 inches. What a trailer this makes, adds so much action to any bait. You can also fish it alone as a great finesse bait. 


Now Available 

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IT baits

Bulk pack Stick Baits Great Value

stick baits
bulls eyed frogs

Famous Terd Bait
With New 3.5 inch and 4.5 custom skirts.

terd baits

Available in 4 inch 5 inch and 6 inch Bulk Packs

senko baits
2024 show Charlie best.jpg
2024 show NL 3.jpg

The "IT" Bait in the Hog Tank with fish that have seen every bait possible and watch how they react to the "IT" Bait pretty incredible. 

Mayo's Hand Poured Baits High Performance T Shirts
Shirts are very limited quantities first come first serve.

On sale regular $25.00 on sale now $20.00

Just in New Super fine Purple and Chartreuse Fluorescent glitter. Purple String glitter. Navy Blue Glitter.  Crawfish colorant . 

.015 Purple Super F..jpg
Purple Disco.jpg
.35 Navy.jpg
.015 Purple Super F 1.jpg
.015 Chart super F 1.jpg
Purple String.jpg
bulk creature baits
Cut tail worms 6 inch

                   Bulk Packs of 4 and 5 inch Stick baits available.

Just Added Bulk packs 50's of the 5 Inch Twin Tail Grubs and 3 inch Stick Baits

Added new Fine Shad glitter its multi colored and makes the baits pop.

We have added New 50 packs of the 'IT' Bait. Intro price of $15.99. The demand for these baits has been very high.


Hottest Bait of the year


50 Packs Available Now

The New 'IT' Bait in Green Pumpkin Black and Purple Fleck. One of the hottest baits right now. Top is the 7 inch below the 5 inch.

NEW mayos final logo.jpg
terd 4.5 inch
terd baits

The New 4 and 5 inch Stick Baits with color tips are available in the Web Store. Testing went great and  I am very excited how they came out. You can get them now. You can add almost any tip you like. 

craw trailers
single tail grub
10 inch cut tail worm
twin tail grub
blue bubble.jpg
smoke terd baits

Special Limited Time Terd Bait

Two different Ribbed skirts available. Ribbed Smoke and Green Pumpkin. ( Gold Tint)

Terd ribbed
mayos minnow
drop shot bait

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