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The Baby IT Bait 10 Per Pack


Measures approximately 3" in the mold, but the tail expands with a ton of action to around 4" on the fall. However, it shrinks back up to an un-intimidating meal once it hits the bottom.


The bait has thin tabs built into the mold to help keep it laid out correctly while curing and packaging. They are very thin and easy to remove when ready to fish.


The Baby IT Bait has wicked action with almost no weight or the slightest movement. It was specifically designed for pitching and flipping heavy vegetation and timber. It will collapse down and squeeze through the smallest space and then mushroom into frenzy of action.

10 Per Pack

The 3 Inch Baby IT Bait (Creature Bait)

  • You can chose NO Glitter as an option. You need to choose the Glitter option in all Three fields. You can Chose NONE as an option.

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