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My  plastic supply is being delayed 3 weeks because of the virus restrictions. Baits will be at least 3 to 4 weeks out. Sorry for the delay.


All Orders are custom made by hand. Your orders will be made for you in 14 days. They are worth the wait.  

These 5.25 Drop Shot noodle worms are the same as the 4.25 but have a little more action from being 1 inch longer. These can also be fished with a 1/0 hook and a small bullet weight. You customize it the way you want it. The Drop Shot worms come 15 per pack.

You Need to make selections on all three glitter options. You can just choose NO GLITTER for an option.

5.25 Drop Shot Noodle Worm 15 Per Pack

Choose Color
Choose Glitter
Choose Second Glitter Option
Chose Third Glitter
  • You must choose a Glitter option for all three fields. You can choose NO Glitter for the options you do not want.