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Please note these Terd baits are made using pre-made skirts I have in stock. Skirts will vary with what is ordered. Pictures show a couple different skirts that could be used. The baits will look and work fantastic.


This is the Famous Terd Bait. This bait is more durable and heavier then any otheres out there. This bait catches more fish then you can imagine. If you want to know the sercet on how to fish it just contact me. You can choose any glittler and skirt combo you like. The baits come in a pack of 10 each.

You Need to make selections on all three glitter options. You can just choose NO GLITTER for an option.

Mayo's Hand Poured Sticks baits are the best around. They are still made by hand one at a time. These Stick baits are loaded with salt soft and durable. They are available in Bulk Packs. Give them a try you won't go back.

Original Terd Bait 10 Per Pack.

  • You need to choose the Glitter option in all Three fields. You can Chose NONE as an option.

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